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Air Compressors
These are used in a wide range of applications in areas ranging from mining, transport, pharmaceuticals, power, oil, railways, chemicals, textiles, printing to ship building, paper, electronics, telecommunications, medical, food & beverages and plastics

Screw compressors
These are used in industry and trade - from the one-man workshop to the automotive industry and the large refineries. Today, screw compressorshave much more to offer than just compressed air: state-of-the-art technology, a modular design concept and maximum energy efficiency ensures that they meet the high reliability and efficiency standards customers have come to expect.

Reciprocating Piston Compressors
These are designed to work for 24 hours a day 365 days a year. These compressors can have upto 6 stages of compression. We offer Reciprocating Air and Gas Compressors upto 1000 KW, six stages & 170 bar pressure.

These compressors are used in a variety of Industries like Petrochemical, PET Blowing, Waste Treatment, Natural Gas Cogeneration, and Industrial Gas producers among others. Reciprocating Compressors are particularly suited for High Pressure and Oil Free applications.

Diesel Generating Sets from 5 to 1500 Kva
These sets are powered with highly fuel efficient Engines and are used in a wide variety of retail and commercial centers, malls, hospitals,factories, residences among others. For all the above category of Products KGKEL is the one stop shop for fulfilling your requirements.